To: Opal Cliffs Recreation District
From: Susan Craig, District Manager

Subject: Coastal Development Pe1mit (CDP) Waiver 3-16-0680-W

Please note that CDP Waiver 3-16-0680-W was repo1ted to the California Coastal Commission on March 8, 2017 and became effective as of that date. CDP Waiver 3-16-0680-W allows:

Authorization of the emergency response and work completed in 2011 under ECDP 3-11-018-G to repair an existing public access stairway through the construction of a new pier attached to the
existing seaward-most pier to support the stairway foundation that had been partially undermined from coastal erosion, at Opal Cliffs Park, 4520 Opal Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz County.

Please be advised that CDP Waiver 3-16-0680-W only authorizes the development described in the Commission’s files; any changes to the described project may require a CDP to account for the
changes or a CDP for the entire project. If you have any questions, please contact Rainey Graeven in the Central Coast District Office at the address and phone number above.

John Ainsworth Executive Director
Susan Craig Central Coast District Manager